Becoming a Vocal Athlete Online E-Course

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Become a Vocal Athlete is an online course designed to equip singers with techniques for confident, skilled and healthy vocal performance.


Becoming a Vocal Athlete will help you identify, establish and maintain lifelong healthy singing habits without changing your current style of singing. During this course, I will share with you skills, knowledge and insight that will help you reach your vocal goals. We will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding your voice and how it works

  • Expanding my breath support

  • Understanding Head voice, Chest voice, and Mixed

  • Confronting and conquering those doubtful thoughts

  • Vocal Health and care

Once you apply the tools and exercises given, you will strengthen muscles used in singing, resulting in a more confident and consistent vocal performance for years to come.

Presented via Teachable platform in four Masterclass sessions and two expert interview sessions. Course content will be made available beginning June 4.