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Voice Exercises: Warm ups for the Worship Leader and Praise Team Singer

LaRue Ministries

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Preserve the gift God has given you. Let LaRue Howard be your very own vocal warm up coach as she leads you in exercises for your voice. The exercises start with an Inhale/Exhale exercise. Following the breathing exercise, you will receive instruction leading up to the next exercise. This digital project is designed to be used prior to any singing engagement or on a daily basis to keep your vocal cords in shape. Download and enjoy these voice exercises as LaRue gets you on your journey to Life Long Healthy Singing.


8 Tracks including exercise and instruction:

1. Introduction
2. Breathing
3. Humming Instruction
4. Humming
5. Lip Trills Instruction
6. Lip Trills
7. Singing the Eee Vowel Instruction
8. Singing the Eee Vowel
9. Singing the Eee to Ooo Vowel Instruction
10. Singing the Eee to Ooo Vowel
11. Mixed Voice Placement Instruction
12. Mixed Voice Placement
13. Energizing the Note Instruction
14. Energizing the Note
15. Agility and Speed Instruction
16. Agility and Speed

Executive Producer - LaRue Howard
Producer - LaRue Howard
Keys and additional Vocals - John Dreher
Mixing - Ed Anderson, Edge Music,LLC